32 Stunning Tiles Wall Ideas For Your Living Room Decor

Stunning Tiles Wall Ideas For Your Living Room Decor 32

Faux copper tile walls can add visual interest to any room and almost any style of décor, from more traditional, rustic Spanish or French design, to transitional and contemporary styles. In general, a little bit of faux copper tile goes a long way, so you may not need to cover the walls completely with tile to achieve the look you are going for.

Use faux copper tile walls as room dividers between open spaces in your home. For example, many kitchens open up to the dining room or living room, but a bit of extra privacy can be obtained by putting in a decorative wall of faux copper.

Install half-walls in large rooms to divide them by use or to break up styles of décor. If you have a large living room with a seating area for conversation or reading but also use the room for watching movies and television, a partition will help to better define the visual space. If you have a room that is more transitional or has antiques near a room that is more contemporary, a faux copper tile wall help to visually smooth the transition.

Put copper tile walls in bathroom showers to add a rustic yet contemporary touch to your bathroom. You can decorate the inside of the shower partially or entirely with faux copper tile or you can use a standalone wall in a more contemporary space to separate the bathing area from other parts of the bathroom. Cover walls partially with faux copper tiles and other color tiles like blue or black to add an elegant, bold touch to you room. If you plan on tiling an existing wall, consult a qualified contractor before doing so to make sure the wall will be able to hold the weight of the additional tile. As an alternative to covering walls with tile, consider hanging wall tiles in patterns.

Use small tiles for small spaces to keep the room from feeling smaller than it really is. If you have a particularly large room, use bigger tiles instead. You can use small tiles in a larger room, but it might make the room feel cavernous if you have minimal furniture and accessories. If you have a large project, consider hiring a designer to help with purchase of materials and layout of your tile to ensure the best possible result.

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