35 Beautiful Vintage Living Room Decor Ideas

Beautiful Vintage Living Room Decor Ideas 32

If you’re looking for the best Retro Home Decor to make your living room into the perfect little cottage we’ll show you how. Every little girl at some time or another wants their room to look like an adorable Retro 1930′s style country cottage. When many people grow up many of us dream of a little English Cotswold Country Cottage. Though you might not have a chance to live in an actual English country cottage, you can turn your living room into one easily!

No matter the type of sofa or couch you have, it can be given a retro English country decor style by using a crochet or knit throw over the back. In the same way you can make nearly any sofa have a retro home look, you can give almost any bookcase a vintage style feel by adding some Antique and almost antique books, pick a couple of large Epic type Classics or some Shakespeare in among your collection.

No room going for English country decor straight our of an Agatha Christie book would be complete without the quintessential tea set and doily. Personally I find that tea for one sets are absolutely adorable, but a floral tea set serving four, or the tried and true “Brown Betty” fit in just perfectly to this vintage type decor. You’ll definitely want to make sure that you have something to put these lovely little Vintage English pieces, on, you can go for a small end table or for a slightly more inexpensive route, use a folding wooden tray table, add a small knit or lace covering and you can save quite a bit, use one to hold your tea set, and the other to holds book or two and a small picture frame.

To help complete your Vintage Home Decor use a table or floor lamp with a lot of color and style. Tiffany style with more simple lines and colors, will fit right in along with adding flavor to your room. In the end thought it’s all of the little details that will create the true feeling in your living room. Little items like perfume bottles, lockets, small porcelain knick knacks and the like, will have you feeling as if you’re living in the Cotswolds no matter where you are in the world. Have fun with designing with your English Cottage Living Room!

Sarah Houle

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