33 Perfect Custom Drapes Ideas To Beautify Your Bedrooms

Perfect Custom Drapes Ideas To Beautify Your Bedrooms 22

Sometimes, a room requires something special. You have visited the stores, seen everything they have and still felt unsatisfied by what you see. Your only option is to go for custom drapes.

Custom drapes are generally exclusive combinations made in-house. You can select the fabric, prints and color that suit the design and decor of your room. You can select from different lengths and widths. Therefore, these drapes are excellent for windows that are slightly bigger or smaller than regular windows.

While choosing the fabric for the custom drapes, keep in mind that the fabric is responsible for the atmosphere or the aura you create in that room. The correct blending of atmosphere and practical use will dictate the final effect of the room. It will also have a huge impact on how people perceive and use the room. For instance, a room that uses heavy fabric will let in little light. Therefore, such fabric may not do so well as a sitting room but will be great for a bedroom. Printed fabric looks great in a room where the rest of the decor is muted. Otherwise, it will result in a cluttered look. You must use busy prints in custom drapes very sparingly and carefully.

Next is the style. Often, custom drapes will offer you an opportunity to go for styles that are off the beaten track. You can choose from pleated, gathered or grommet tops, for example. So, which style will you choose? Before you even visit the store to select custom drapes, sit in the room and get a feel of the style elements. Does the room look conventional or is it modernistic? Browse through pictures in magazines and the internet. This will give you a clear idea of what will look good in the room. You might want to consult a designer for the style and color of your custom drapes. But, do not leave it all on the designer. After all, you will be living in the room and no one is interested in the house as much as you are. If you make use of the services of an interior designer for your custom drapes, make sure that your own likes and dislikes play a pivotal role.

Hint: even though there are a variety of styles to choose from, surveys have repeatedly shown that most people generally opt for simple designs. Fancier designs not only cost more but people tire of them easily too. Finally, make use of professional installers if you are even a little unsure of your own skills. If you have spent a lot of time and money selecting the right fabric and choosing the best style, it makes sense to choose someone who can do a good job of hanging the custom drapes.

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