32 Gorgeous Hot Tub Design Ideas For Your Beautiful Backyard

Gorgeous Hot Tub Design Ideas For Your Beautiful Backyard 27

There are a number of hot tub privacy designs that can go a long way to ensuring that your luxurious new home feature doesn’t turn into a source of nervous tension or embarrassment – after all parading nude in front of the neighbors wasn’t part of your original hot tub fantasy, right?

The most extreme among hot tub privacy designs involves having your hot tub inside a fully enclosed shelter – think a ten by ten foot, wooden structure with screened windows that lets you take in the view unobserved in your soaking, steaming solitude. There’s no reason you couldn’t even have one of these installed in a sauna room inside your home, though for most people it’s really the outdoor experience that makes hot tubs as desirable as they are.

At the opposite extreme are ideas for landscaping around hot tubs that will work just as well as any commercial hot tub privacy designs. Think about planting leafy, evergreen trees that will provide a lush barrier between you and the world without being a source of mess in autumn – even if a plant looks great or produces delicious aromas, you want to steer clear of anything that’s going to drop leaves, needles or rotten fruit in or around your pool. Alternatively, espalier trees are trees whose branches have been trained to grow sideways, forming a flat wall of greenery without consuming any space – they make for a refined, novel, Victorian look. For something with a bit of a jungle-feel with absolutely minimal hassle, try going with the vertical lines of bamboo, which also function as a great windbreak.

While in-ground hot tubs or hot tubs built into your deck are lovely, there’s something very distinctive about the Asian backyard hot tub – designed of cured wood, their elegant lines make them a feature of their own, while they’ll also be easier to service and maintain if something breaks down in the pump room. Of course, you could just fence in your hot tub, but that will hardly make for the opulent surrounds you’d prefer when basking in steam. These might even be the better choice of parents more worried about their young children falling into the hot tub than whether they’ll impress the Joneses with their superior taste.

One of the more spectacular hot tub privacy designs that has seen a recent resurgence in popularity amongst those looking for a truly magical, secret-garden feel to their hot tub experience involves building a pergola that runs up to the hot tub. A pergola is essentially a trellised corridor up which creepers and other plants are grown, creating a leafy corridor that culminates in an equally green dome that surrounds the tub, trapping the rising moisture for an even steamier, more private experience, and protecting from wind and rain when the weather turns.

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