32 Popular Summer Furniture Ideas For Your Outdoor Decor

Popular Summer Furniture Ideas For Your Outdoor Decor 31

If you want good-looking, durable patio furniture that won’t fall apart on you, you’re going to have to pay for it. But rather than settle for cheap, low quality furniture, outdoor design experts recommend just buying a few nice pieces that fit within your budget. From there, forget out the furniture.

Outdoor accessorizing is much more fun, and won’t cost an arm and a leg. In addition to being cheaper, accessories can add bright and inventive touches to an otherwise barren space. For a few ideas on decorations that won’t break your bank, read on.

When in Rome– ancient Rome that is– break out the sundial. With the advent of digital clocks, you’ll probably use less for time-telling than as an aesthetic accent, but the options always there. Sundials are elegant and minimalist (unlike your neighbor’s garden gnome collection).Often they are made from bronze or copper, and the weathered, oxidized look only adds to the old world charm. The design of these sundials can be simple or ornate in scope, with molded dials and faces and the whole unit either rests on the ground or goes with a matching pedestal.

A mesmerizing gazing ball is about as useless as a sundial, but looks really nice. These orbs offer spots of shining, vibrant color are positively entrancing to look upon. They are crafted out of stainless steel, so there’s no chance of their breaking or dulling. Each globe is complemented by a matching stand, so you can either change them out at will or feature a few throughout your patio furniture. Outdoor color is sometimes hard to come by, unless you’ve got flowers out in the garden, but these gazing balls bring the color right up to your doorstep, and it stays that color all year long.

With bird feeders, you get both the decoration, as well as the natural decoration of birds gracing your yard. Bird feeders and birdhouses are typically made from metal, wood, plastic or a combination thereof. The simpler models feature a feeding dish connected to hanging chains, while the ones people are most familiar with have that silo shape for seeds, often along with a perch and roof as birdie furniture. Outdoor feeders are a gift that keeps on giving, and a nice treat to offer your feathered friends.

Patio fountains cost much less than most people believe, and they’re way less work than digging your own backyard pond. They also tend to recycle their water supply, so you won’t have to worry about astronomical utility bills. There’s something very zen about the calming power of running water, and the unit itself will look great next to your other furniture. Outdoor fountains can be freestanding or wall mounted and are made from materials like stone and resin.

A final way to decorate on a shoestring budget is to hang up some ambient lighting about your furniture. Outdoor installed lighting can be pricey, but lanterns, sconces and string lights are affordable and can be moved around where you want them. If you’re hosting a luau, get in the mood with tiki torches and Christmas lights. Ethnic looking scones and beaded lanterns are available for when you want to invite the neighbors over for a night at the Casbah. For the rest of the summer, there are many all-occasion lights, like paper and metal candle lantern.

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